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Our Process

We help our clients plan for the second half or third third of their lives.  Our clients are age typically age 40 or older, married or single.  They have demonstrated a pattern of saving first and spending what is left over.

Viewpoint Meeting

Our first step is to have you complete a Viewpoint Questionnaire.  This usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.  The purpose of the Viewpoint is twofold:  the questions give you a good idea of the types of issues we help our clients solve, and your answers give us an idea of how we can be of most help.


We find that many other planners shortchange this step.  We don't.  We ask questions designed to create a space where you can think clearly and creatively about your financial situation.  We carefully listen until you have clarity about your financial situation and your unique goals.  We block out 2 hours for this step.  Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes more.  If your situation requires, we take all the time you need to first clarify your goals.  The key here is that we don't rush this step, and you set the pace.

Plan Design

Our key motto here is "You don't have to be sick to get better."  We create a plan that will give you a Financial Roadmap to achieve your financial and life goals.

If needed, we bring in subject matter experts to present the best ideas on particular areas, for example Long Term Care Planning, Exit Planning  or Benefits Planning (for business owners), or other insurance coverages.


We help you take practical action to put your plans in place.

Manage to Get Results

We meet with you periodically to access your progress towards your unique goals.  You decide how often you would like these meetings to occur.