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Our Mission

Our Mission

Strategic Exit purpose is to help our clients make good decisions in the second half or final third of life.  We help our clients become more productive and effective in the management of their financial matters, and we help them think strategically when it comes to planning their own and their family's future.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are successful middle class couples or individuals who have saved first and spent what was left over for many years and so have accumulated a significant net worth while living a middle class lifestyle.  Most are also actively involved in bettering our community through volunteer work, philanthropic donations, and/or volunteer service in their faith community.


Some of our clients are fully retired, but many remain actively engaged in their business or career well past normal retirement age. 

They have four principle concerns expressed by these questions:

  1.  What can I do to assure that I don't outlive my financial resources and so become a burden on my family?
  2. What can I do to remain active and healthy as long as possible?
  3. How can I maximize the benefit of my resources to my family and my community?
  4. How can I prepare my heirs so that my financial legacy will be a blessing and not a curse?

An additional question, if a business owner, is:  How can I leave my business on my timing and my terms, while receiving fair after tax compensation for my ownership interest?