• Welcome to Strategic Exit LLC

    "Wealthy people save first and spend what's left over;  Poor people spend first and save what's left over."  Jim Rohn

    My clients are those successful individuals and couples who are following the conservative financial path described by Jim Rohn. You live within your means, you strive to bring value to your clients or customers, you continue to be engaged and excited as you plan for the rest of your life. You may have already accumulated significant wealth, or you may be early in that journey. You are on the road to wealth as you save first and spend what’s left over.

    If you want a planner who shares your values, who lives in a modest home, leases a modest office, has been married to his first wife for over thirty years, a wife who could be described in Thomas Stanley’s book Millionaire Women Next Door then I might be your guy.

    The work I do for my clients is summarized by the following statements:

    “Don’t Leave a Mess, Leave a Legacy”

    “Clarity Where Money Meets Life”

    “You Don’t Have to be Sick to Get Better”